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Students Speak

 Students Speak


Problems are opportunities. This is what I have learnt from PCMS and have carried this in my heart till date. Nothing can stop us from achieving something that we want and if we pour our mind and soul to it. We got to believe that we are the best only then will the world look up to us. You have to be sure about the road you choose. Don’t let dilemmas obstruct your voyage. And the rest is a cake walk.

Aakash Pandey (BBA, MBA 4th Semester)
NCC Bank (Employee)



I would be failing in my duty if I don’t express my gratitude towards PCMS. I will for ever cherish the time I spent there .I am a proud alumni of such an esteemed college which helped me lay a strong foundation for my career.

Soni Ale (BBA, MBA 1st Semester)
Bhat Bhateni



“I cannot forget the role that PCMS has played in my career. Really, an Institute like this is sure to add substantial value to student’s career.”

Biju Subedi (MBA)
Global Bank (Tandi)




“I feel proud to be a student of PCMS. It has brought about a tremendous change in my knowledge, skill and personally to set about my career with flying colours.”

Sonia Shrestha(BBA)
NCC Bank